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  Fuel Mileage Article

Fuel Economy

As fuel prices rise, it seems that more and more conversation at the service desk has been related to vehicle fuel mileage. It is not surprising that it is a hot topic. Every time we listen to the news or pick up a newspaper we hear or read about fuel prices or a related topic. Every week when we fill up our vehicles we are reminded of the cost and when we find fuel for a few cents less than we remember, we have this feeling of accomplishment. Our focus here at Suddeth Automotive is complete car care, and because fuel mileage plays an important part in the operating cost of your vehicle, we would like to discuss some ways to help improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

To begin with… what is good fuel mileage? That is will to depend on the type of vehicle you drive and how it is used. Almost every vehicle sold since the early 1980’s has a fuel mileage rating. This information can be found in your owners manual or if you still have the original window sticker for your vehicle, it is posted there. You can also find this information on several websites on the internet. You need to understand that these are estimates, but they should be accurate. You will usually find them listed as city driving and highway driving. Obviously with highway driving your fuel mileage should be higher than with city driving, due to the stopping and starting of city driving. So where you drive will play a big part in the average mileage you get. If you use your vehicle to tow or carry heavy loads, this can also have an adverse affect on the fuel mileage. So many things effect fuel mileage.

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